Colours of the Alphabet


Director: Alastair Cole
Producer: Nick Higgins
UK / New Zealand
Country of filming: Zambia
Premiere: Glasgow Film Festival 2016, currently touring film festivals internationally.
Available with subtitles in: English, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese


An inspiring, bittersweet film on language and childhood, following three Zambian children and their families over their first year of school, and asking: Does the future have to be in English?

Steward, Elizabeth and M’barak are 6 year olds struggling to make sense of an educational system where the language they speak at home is different from the language used in the classroom. When nearly 40% of the world’s population lack access to education in their own language, the film offers an intimate, moving and often humorous insight into a global phenomenon from the unique perspective of three innocent children.

‘Poignant, touching and very amusing’ Across The Arts ★★★★

“One of the most beautiful documentary films I’ve ever seen” Liz Lochhead (Former National Poet of Scotland)

“Lyrical, beautifully­ filmed…an inspiring, bittersweet documentary about language, communication and national identity” Glasgow Film Festival

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